Is ALL a good fit for your business?

  • When your business category is searched on Google does your business show up in the results?  If so, where does your business rank on the search results?  Are you listed in the Google map?  Are you on the front page of the organic results? Does ALLPrattville outrank your business in the search results?  ALL is a good fit for your business if the answer 1) You have no idea  2) Your business is not showing up in the Google map or organic rankings on the front page and 3) ALLPrattville out ranks your website in the search results.  
  • Does your business have a website?  In today’s world all businesses need a website.  Although, not all businesses needs are the same when it comes to online marketing. Retail is different than the service industry when it comes to online marketing.  Service industry businesses need continual search engine optimization to keep their online marketing efforts relevant.  Service industry businesses are more dependent on being at or near the top of Google search results.  
    • Think of it like this.  When someone’s water heater busts they are looking for someone to quickly handle their service need.  When someones searching for a clothing store, restaurant etc… time isn’t usually the most crucial… accuracy is.  A Google search for retail stores is often done days in advance of the actual shopping.  A Google search for a plumber is usually done within minutes of the actual discovery of the need.