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Smith Tree Service has been in business since 1996 and offers professional tree removal and stump grinding services.  Smith also provides professional tree trimming and pruning.  We are licensed and insured and provide all of our clients the safest method possible for all tree removals. We accept most major credit cards.

  • Tree Removal – Since 1996 Smith Tree Service has specialized in providing complete and partial tree removal for commercial & residential properties. Tree removal can be a hazardous job in the wrong hands, especially with trees that stand near homes, businesses and roadways. Smith Tree Service has over 16 years experience removing trees from those delicate spots. We always utilize the safest method possible for all removals.
  • Tree Trimming/ Tree Pruning – Pruning your trees on a regular basis helps to ensure their health and beauty. Different types of trees require different methods of pruning.
  • Do you need more light for your lawn to grow? Elevating and thinning trees can be a good alternative to complete removal.
    Do you have large tree limbs growing over your house? We can prune the trees back or remove them so that they do not interfere with your house or structure.
  • Do your trees need general clean-up to remove dead limbs and crossing limbs? Pruning them out can aid in the safety of bystanders and the over all health of your trees.
    Stump Removal/ Stump Grinding – Smith Tree Service provides tree and stump removal for any size tree stump. Your stump can be removed when the tree is cut down or you can contact us at a later date to complete the removal process.

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1532 Higway 14 West, Prattville, AL 36067