Some bucket lists take a little longer than others to complete… Here is a
little about my real estate journey.

The Early Days | This Is Normal, Right?

My love for real estate began unassumingly as an adolescent. I would draw
and layout house floor plans and would fill entire notebooks of different
home layouts. This obsession included door swings, light locations,
and of course furniture. Now if you asked me what normal kids did or do
when they are 8 years old, I would tell you “they draw house plans.” As a father of
4, it has become increasingly clear to me that my kids aren’t normal, as I have yet to
find one house plan in their drawings…

ReTIRED Builder | Graduated Top 30 in B.S.

After High School, I enrolled at Auburn University. Five years later, I
finished top 30 in my graduating Building Science class. Before you get
impressed (though you rightly should be), I feel this might be the
appropriate time to disclose that there were only 30 in my Building Science
graduating class–it was super competitive to even get into. Fast forward
10 more years. I built custom houses in Birmingham and then I worked for a large
commercial contractor as a project manager.

Professional Marketer | Account Manager Of The Year Recipient

After about 10 years, I seized the opportunity to come on board as an
Account Manager for Brink of Design. Brink of Design is an industry-leading
marketing firm that provides clients full-service online marketing. Simply put, we
develop professional and effective marketing strategies to grow businesses. It was at Brink that I won “Account Manager Of The Year” four times
straight. Perhaps it is worth noting that I am the only Account Manager. It may also be worth noting that my boss is also my wife. Semantics, I say.

Brutally Honest Realtor Serving Prattville, AL

With me as your next real estate agent, you can expect a few things: First, we will
have fun. Life is too short not to enjoy the journey. As captain of your
home buying or selling trip, I promise to deliver laughs, sarcasm, and an overall
great experience. Second, take advantage of the wealth of experience from my
building background and marketing careers. From remodels and renovations to
how to market in a digital world, I will use my skill sets for each of my
clients. Third, expect brutal honesty. You can trust me to tell you my
professional opinion in all circumstances. This is to be used as a helpful
perspective to guide you to make the best and most important decision on
quite possibly the largest investment of your life: your home.

I look forward to serving you in your next real estate venture!


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