Prattville Farm Center is a family-owned local business in the River Region community. The business was started in 1983 by my father, Charles Burkhalter in a small service station that he rented on the corners of Memorial Dr. and Main Street. Since, the business has grown through a combination of personal customer service and product knowledge.

During the past ten years, this area has seen a dramatic growth in mass retailers that can generally sell products cheaper while sacrificing customer service and product knowledge. However, these two things are still very important to consumers and as such, consumers have rallied around local businesses.

We have chosen Brian Wilson and Rely Local to help us be recognized in the community as a local business to those not familiar with us or new to the area. Brian utilizes several forms of media to accomplish this, the website, being the main one.

Technology is rapidly migrating towards hand held smart phones, and more and more consumers are using the internet as a replacement for the old-fashioned phone books/yellow pages of years past. The Rely Local website combines the large numbers of “keywords” from the businesses that it represents to keep it’s search rankings high. For my business, this means a web presence that is consistently ranked in the top five of search engine results. In other words, consumers see me first.

Not only is Brian a local business promoting other local businesses in the community, but he provides me with a web presence that combines the power of all the goods and services of other local businesses he represents so that the products that I sell are located by consumers first.


Randy Burkhalter

Prattville Farm Center