Towing Service Near Prattville, AL

Powell Wrecker and Towing Service in Prattville, Alabama, is available 24/7 for any roadside emergency you may encounter. Lessen the time you spend in the breakdown lane with our professional services and friendly staff.

•  Lockouts for all Vehicles
•  Battery Installations
•  Gas Delivery
•  Tire Changes and Repairs
•  Light Mechanical Work
•  Jump Starts

FLATBED TOWING – We have low deck height flatbeds that are ideal for towing your sports car or flatbed tow trucks for other low-lying vehicle. However, we can also tow large crew cabs, 4WD, and dually trucks.
OFF ROAD RECOVERY – When you get stuck off-road, our 4WD truck and its heavy-duty winch can get you unstuck. We go into the woods, mud, and other rugged terrain to retrieve any vehicle carefully.
MOTORCYCLE TOWING – We have equipment specifically for safely transporting motorcycles. We are riders too, and we can ensure your cycle is towed damage free.
ENCLOSED TRAILER TRANSPORT – We can securely haul 1 to 2 vehicles at a time. Our transport is totally sheltered from the elements and other damage-causing factors, making roadside assistance perfect for your high-end vehicle. It also has a low deck height to make getting your vehicle onto the trailer safer. We’re willing to go to any local or long-distance location.

Address & Contact

Our Address

625 Powell Road Prattville , AL 36067